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The Elite Advisor Network is a community built for financial professionals, advisors, and consultants, where Sten Morgan, CFP, ChFC, shares his unique and proven approach to building a successful financial practice and delivering unmatched value to clients.

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A comprehensive program to teach you how to start a lucrative planning practice or help you refine your already existing planning work. You can purchase access and learn his unique and proven approach to financial planning and consulting.

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What if success could be as easy as changing your mindset to see your business or job differently, and in turn, see the world differently? 7 Mindsets of Success details what you really need to do to achieve rapid, top-level success.

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About Sten

Sten Morgan, CFP, ChFC, is a leading voice in the financial services industry and one of the most accomplished young advisors in the country. He founded Legacy Investment Planning by age 25 and by age 30, was named a “40 under 40” advisor by Investment News.

About Sten Morgan

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