How I Created a Successful Company In Just Three Years

When I was 23 years old, I was joint managing over 200 million dollars of assets for a large financial advisement firm. It was the dream job for someone my age, fresh out of college.

While I was making enough money and comfortable with my responsibilities, something inside me wanted more. I knew I was capable of more. So two months before I was getting married, and with NO backup plan, I quit my very comfortable job.

Essentially, I was giving up my safety net and knew that the only choice I had now was to succeed.

For most of my life growing up, my mother was a single mom and worked hard to give my sisters and me everything we needed. She found a way to make it work and was extremely resilient.

So I set out to start my own business. And three years later, I was awarded the highest award that someone in my business can be awarded.

Of course, a lot went into getting to that place. The seven mindsets that I talk about in the book are some of the biggest factors that contributed towards my success. To implement those mindsets though, there’s another secret you should know: intentionality.

What is Intentionality?

Each mindset that I adopted had to be met with a very specific intentionality.

Intentionality is the act of being purposeful or deliberate about something.

While I started to grow my business, I realized that I couldn’t afford to just go through the motions. Simply making sales calls, sending emails, and scheduling meetings was not going to be enough to reach the level of success I wanted. I had to be intentionally present in every situation.

What does it mean and look like to be present in every moment?

It looks a lot like shutting off all distractions and focusing on the task at hand. It looks like instead of sending a generic email to a potential client, doing research and being specific about their needs and interests.

Be intentional about how you treat every opportunity, it is often the small things that you are intentional with that make all the difference to your clients.

Personal Intentionality

In an earlier post, I told you that success for me was not simply a number. Much of how I define my success is also based on my personal life and relationships with my wife and children. This meant I had to learn to be intentional at home as well.

It’s easy to get home from a long day at work and sit in front of the tv, watch the news, and neglect what my family needs from me. Early on in starting my business I realized that I would need to be intentional about how I spend every minute at home as well.

Why Intentionality?

It’s true, intentionality takes work. It’s much easier to go through the motions, cross off items on your to-do list, and end up in with average results. But when you are intentional about every minute you spend at work and home you will see your results maximized.

That’s how I went from starting a business from scratch to receiving the highest award that financial advisors can be awarded. It’s possible for you too.

How can you implement intentionality into your work and personal life? Let me know in the comments below!

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