114 Dr. Josh Axe – Lessons from his deathbed – How to come back better

Sten talks with good friend Dr. Josh Axe, a functional medicine practitioner, author, and entrepreneur. Josh shares his personal journey with functional medicine, the expansion of his clinic and online platform, and offers insights on business growth, team dynamics, and the power of communication.

Journey into Healing: Josh opens up about his personal voyage into the world of functional medicine. It’s a tale of transformation sparked by a family health crisis that reshaped his career and life’s mission.

Business Growth Unpacked: Ever wonder what it takes to scale a health clinic and launch an online health platform successfully? Josh spills on the strategies that propelled his business forward.

Mastering Communication: Whether you’re leading a team or just starting out, Josh’s experiences in the health and wellness industry reveal the undeniable power of effective communication.

Mindset Makeover: Josh shares his wisdom on how to identify and overcome the mental blocks that hold us back.

The Why, Who, What, and How: Understanding these four pillars is crucial in any business. Josh emphasizes their significance and how they’ve shaped his approach to success.

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