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Legacy Investment Planning is not just another financial planning firm. Our team is passionate about helping our clients make wise financial decisions while avoiding financial pitfalls. We believe a team approach delivers the best results.

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If you have ever learned a financial lesson the hard way, you’ve probably said, “I wish I knew that sooner.” Everyone, from small business owners to millionaires and even billionaires, has had the same regrets at one time or another. Now they―and you―have somewhere to turn for no-nonsense, bottom-line financial guidance.

In this book, Sten lays out the fundamentals you need for financial success, and teaches you the strategies that worked for him and his clients. You’ll learn about the positive power of debt, creative tax strategies, active versus passive investing, and the savvy ways to make money in real estate. With this book as your guide, you will learn to tip the odds in your favor, avoiding poor choices and pitfalls that lead to most financial regrets. Do not wait and look back years from now, wishing you would have known sooner.

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About Sten

Sten Morgan founded Legacy Investment Planning in 2012 as a result of his desire to deliver independent, straight-forward advice to his clients. As an author of two books and an experienced public speaker, Sten aims to improve lives through creative financial strategies.

About Sten


What if success could be as easy as changing your mindset to see your business or job differently, and in turn, see the world differently? 7 Mindsets of Success details what you really need to do to achieve rapid, top-level success.

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Sten and his team have built a unique financial wellness solution for employers to provide one of the most requested benefits to employees. Through digital tools, virtual meetings, and in-person presentations, our team will provide a one-of-a-kind benefit that will maximize the health of your company and your employees.

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