115 Advisor Stories: Lifestyle practice with Chloe Moore

Host Andy Traub talks with financial advisor and founder of Financial Staples, Chloe Moore. She shares her insights on connecting with clients, particularly those from minority groups, and her expertise in equity compensation.

She discusses her approach to asking reflective questions to guide clients towards better financial decisions and the importance of building a network of professionals, including CPAs and estate planning attorneys, to support clients’ diverse needs.

The conversation explores the concept of a lifestyle practice, where Chloe aims to balance her business with her ideal life, emphasizing work satisfaction over maximizing income. She advocates for aligning one’s core values with career decisions and the possibility of making changes for personal happiness and fulfillment.

Connect with Chloe:

Website: financialstaples.com

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/chloemoore/

Twitter: twitter.com/finstaples

Instagram: instagram.com/financialstaples/



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