122 Long-Term Greed vs. Short-Term Gain with Eric Kapitulik

Sten sits down with Eric Kapitulik,  a former Marine Corps officer and co-founder of The Program. Listen to this episode to absorb the wealth of knowledge Eric shared. It’s not just a conversation; it’s a roadmap to becoming a better leader, teammate, and individual.

Embracing Challenges: Eric’s journey from the military to the consulting world is a testament to the power of resilience. He reminds us that no matter the size of your team or the scope of your challenges, the principles of leadership and discipline are universal.

A Must-Read: Eric’s book is packed with intensity and invaluable lessons that will leave you inspired.

Long-Term Greed vs. Short-Term Gain: One of Eric’s golden nuggets of wisdom is to focus on long-term wealth creation, not just for your clients but for yourself—in all aspects of life. This principle has stuck with him since his days in financial services and continues to guide his decisions.

The Power of Persistence: Did you know the average prospect engages after eight points of contact, yet most salespeople give up after three? Eric’s experience highlights the importance of discipline and the game-changing impact of staying the course.

Leadership and Teamwork: Whether you’re flying solo or part of a larger organization, the essence of success lies in efficient teamwork and the pursuit of excellence through clear goals and standards.

Mindset Matters: They discuss the crucial distinction between ‘hard’ and ‘challenging’ and how reframing our mindset towards gratitude can profoundly influence our daily motivation and actions.

Launch Your Day with Purpose: Starting your morning with intention can set a positive tone for the entire day. Whether it’s exercise, journaling, or another focused activity, make it count.

Kindness vs. Niceness in Leadership: Eric and Sten explored the deeper meaning of kindness in leadership—it’s not just about being nice, but about pushing each other towards growth and improvement.

Eric’s website: https://theprogram.org/

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