126 The Best Book For Financial Planners Isn’t About Financial Planning

In today’s episode, Sten and Andy are discussing the profound influence Patrick Lencioni’s book “Getting Naked” has had on their professional development.

They explore how being genuine with clients creates a foundation of trust and sets the stage for more meaningful financial planning.

They also share insights on how to maintain a professional yet caring relationship with clients, ensuring we don’t overstep or over-serve.

Sten & Andy emphasize the importance of a humble attitude when managing projects for clients, steering clear of any pompous or self-centered approaches.

“Getting Naked” isn’t your typical business book. It’s a story that resonates with real-world challenges and teaches us to be agile and comprehensive in our planning.

This episode is all about how embracing vulnerability and focusing on client-centric service can lead to a more successful and satisfying practice. They both agree that this book is worth revisiting every few years.

You can order a copy of Patrick Lencioni’s book here.

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To Your Success,

Sten J. Morgan, CFP®, ChFC®





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