72- Unleashing the Power of Commitment in Your Life

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Commitment: A Daily Practice, Not a New Year’s Resolution We often think of commitment as a once-a-year event, but it’s actually a daily and weekly practice. It’s the missing piece in achieving our goals and desires, and it’s all about follow-through and execution.

The Natural Ability to Make Things Work Ever wondered why some people seem to have a knack for success? They’ve figured out a level of commitment that allows them to quickly determine what will work and what won’t.

The Five Levels of Commitment We explored a framework by Dr. Robert Wubbolding and William Glasser that outlines five levels of commitment. From “lack of commitment” to “whatever it takes,” understanding these levels can help us filter decisions and overcome our natural tendencies.

The Danger of Half-Hearted Commitment The fourth level of commitment, characterized by a higher level of effort but still falling short of true commitment, is the most dangerous. It’s easy to justify lack of success by saying we tried our best, when in fact, we didn’t.

Pushing Beyond Perceived Limits We are capable of much more than we realize. By pushing beyond our perceived limits and fully committing to our goals, we can achieve results beyond our initial expectations.

The Power of “Whatever It Takes” The highest level of commitment, “whatever it takes,” involves cutting off all exit routes and staying committed to the goal no matter what. It’s a level of commitment demonstrated by successful individuals and one that I personally experienced when starting my business.

Seeking Input and Feedback Before pursuing a level five commitment, it’s crucial to seek input from others. Feedback from a team, partner, or spouse can ensure that our commitment is aligned and that we’re not blindly chasing an unattainable goal.

I hope these insights spark your curiosity and inspire you to listen to our podcast. Remember, commitment is not just about achieving success, but also about redefining our best and pushing through challenges. Use your commitment guide to find out your true level of commitment.














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