74- Foundation: The Six Steps to Charging for Your Advice

Get your Planning Readiness Score – http://www.StenMorgan.com/Ready

Attend the How To Charge LIVE event – http://www.HowToChargeLive.com

This episode is a recording of a recent training session we hosted on the six steps to charging for your advice. 

Our training session was designed to help financial advisors understand how to charge for their advice effectively. We’ve even created an assessment to measure readiness for starting a planning business, which you can access at http://www.StenMorgan.com/Ready

I’d like to thank Craig Peterson, Robert Allen, and Wes Young, members of our advisor network community, who participated in the recent live training session.

Upcoming Live Event: How to Charge Live

I’d like to invite you all to our upcoming live event, “How to Charge Live.” I guarantee that the event will pay for itself with the first planning client. You can sign up at http://www.HowToChargeLive.com and use the discount code freehotel to save $500 on your registration.

















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