91. How to overcome your headtrash

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We’re revisiting a popular topic today. Head trash is the pesky limiting beliefs and negative thoughts that hold us back. We all have them, but their intensity and impact vary. They’re often formed by external influences and personal experiences, and they can be as subtle as a belief about money or as intense as a scarcity mentality.

In our conversation, we shared personal examples of our own head trash and how it can sometimes feel embarrassing. But here’s the thing – recognizing and addressing our head trash is crucial. It’s about being open to the possibility that some of our beliefs may be holding us back.

We also discussed how environmental factors can contribute to head trash. Ever walked into a room and been overwhelmed by the scent of air fresheners? That’s a bit like how some people try to mask or distract themselves from their head trash instead of confronting it head-on.

The good news? Head trash can be managed and changed over time. It’s about being open to feedback, embracing discomfort, and surrounding ourselves with people who provide honest perspectives. It’s about not tolerating negative beliefs or behaviors and seeking help when needed.

One of the most powerful ways to tackle head trash is to quantify its impact. How is it limiting your potential? How is it hindering your personal and professional growth? By putting a number to it, we can realize the importance of addressing it.

Remember, successful people are aware of their head trash and have clarity in their decisions. Addressing head trash can be challenging, but taking the first steps towards clarity is crucial. It’s like going to the gym – it may be difficult at first, but the results are worth it.

I encourage you to listen to our podcast episode and reflect on your own head trash. Share it with others who may benefit from it. Let’s start the conversation and help each other grow.

Until next time, keep pushing forward!

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