96. Steve Lockshin – Mentorship, Fees for advice & using tech to get ahead

Find out more about the estate planning software Steve Lockshin helped create –  https://www.JustVanilla.com/

Today we had an enlightening conversation with Steve Lockshin, a seasoned financial advisor with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Steve’s journey into the financial advisory industry is a testament to the power of seizing opportunities. His unpaid internship at was a stepping stone that led him to fall in love with the financial services industry. His story is a reminder that sometimes, the best opportunities are the ones you create.

The Power of Mentorship: Steve credits his success to the invaluable lessons he learned from his mentors. He emphasizes the importance of seeking out mentors and actively contributing to the relationship. His advice? Be curious, constantly improve your knowledge, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Standing Out in the Crowd: In an industry where many advisors echo the same advice, Steve stresses the need to differentiate oneself. He shares his own evolution from diversifying investments to focusing on performance reporting, taxes, and financial planning. His secret? Add value to your clients and stand out from the crowd.

Transparent Fees and Trust: Steve advocates for a transparent fixed fee model, moving away from the traditional assets under management (AUM) model. He believes that this approach allows advisors to focus on delivering value rather than just increasing AUM.

Estate Planning for All: Steve argues that estate planning isn’t just for the ultra-affluent. He believes that advisors should cover the foundational components of a client’s relationship, such as family, money, and loved ones.

The Power of Technology: Steve introduces us to Vanilla, a software that helps financial advisors streamline their practice and provide value to their clients. It simplifies complex data and delivers concise, actionable information, bridging the gap between overwhelming data and decision-making.

Find out more about the estate planning software Steve Lockshin helped create –  https://www.JustVanilla.com/

Sten J. Morgan, CFP®, ChFC®





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