7 Mindsets of Success

In 7 Mindsets of Success, readers will not only explore topics like embracing discomfort, healthy conflict, time management, perspective, safety nets, and future self, but the intrinsic motivation behind their success. They will learn secrets and steps that are easily overlooked in business today. They will weigh the cost of their success and ask themselves, “Am I willing to do everything it takes?” What if success could be as easy as changing your mindset to see your business or job differently, and in turn, see the world differently? 

Sten Morgan has become one of the youngest, top financial advisors in the country, and he built his business all in just three years. He is in the top percentile of people in his business, and more successful than advisors with thirty years or more experience, and he believes these seven psychological mindsets will unlock success for you too. What’s stopping you from reaching Rapid, Top-Level Success in your industry? The answer lies inside.


Motivating. Inspirational. Honest. I was given this book from a colleague and read it 2 days. As a young professional in the same industry, this book proves that personal success can be achieved against all odds. After reading, I now try to envision my “future self” on a daily basis. This has been very motivating. Sten, thank you for writing this book, sharing your personal story, and giving us the advice you learn along the way.”


This book is designed to achieve custom results for each person. Unlike most books, this book is designed to achieve custom results for each person. At multiple points throughout the book, the author asks that you pause and define a goal or mindset before moving on. Additionally, the author asks many difficult questions which require heavy self-reflection. I found these techniques to be effective teaching methods and motivational in achieving the success I desire.”

Tatev O.

Empowering and Eye-Opening Being able to create a plan and then take massive action on that plan is one of the key elements of success. In the 7 Mindsets of Success, you will discover how to fast track your growth by changing the way you think. There are several “future self” exercises in the book that will cause you to think deeply about who you want to become in 5 years and on. Practical, insightful and personal. You’ll especially love Sten’s heartfelt stories. Pick up a copy today!”

Lady J.

Definite MUST-READ! I can truly say that I have been able to read this book within a day, and apply the 7 mindsets to my personal life with ease. As a matter of fact, I am seeing how easy it is to make changes for my future success just by shifting my mindset. I have always thought that achieving success shouldn’t be as difficult as we make it. However, 7 Mindsets of Success have helped build a bridge to rapid level success in my business. It’s a definite must-read.”

Calvin N.