Sten Morgan’s Planning and Consulting Program

This program will help you start your planning practice or improve your existing planning practice. 
Below you’ll find information that will help you understand what the program covers and answers to frequently asked questions.
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Does it work?

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What does this program cover?

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What you learn:

  • Why Financial Planning is something you should add to your practice
  • How Financial Planning is different from consulting
  • How to differentiate yourself from other advisors
  • How to identify the true value of various areas of advice/expertise
  • Why Financial Planning is not a distraction from other revenue streams
  • Compliance best practices
  • How to communicate what your clients are paying for
  • How to take better notes and track client accomplishments
  • How to organize, create, and deliver a financial plan
  • The tools you should use to create the plan
  • Team roles and responsibilities when delivering financial plans
  • What to do if the client’s circumstances change
  • How frequently you should connect with your clients
  • Should you limit the scope to reduce responsibility or broaden and charge more?


How long is the program?

It takes 6-7 weeks to go through the content. You’ll work through the content at the same time as your group of advisors. This increases your success substantially.

What’s a typical timeline of implementing the program?

Some advisors have landed new clients before the program is completed. Many advisors find that they already have clients that would fit a more consulting type relationship so they don’t have to prospect their first few clients.For you to have everything in place to shift your business to focus on planning it can take up to 3-6 months. 

How is the program delivered?

– Professional videos
– In depth workbook
– Weekly live Q&A sessions via Zoom
– Group messaging via Slack
– On-going support after the program is over

What if I have questions after the program?

The Elite Advisor Network will launch in the late Spring/early Summer. Until then, we will be hosting monthly live calls for anyone who has been through the Planning & Consulting program. That means you can email us your questions and we’ll address them via email or through our monthly live Q&A calls. These are all recorded and made available to you through the program portal.

Does this program come with a guarantee?

We guarantee that after completing the program and the items on the checklists we provide that you will either begin charging for advice or increase the fee you charge for your advice. If you do not land 1 of your first four potential clients then we will refund the program fee.

NOTE: If you do not land the first two potential clients you are required to reach out to us for additional coaching before you pitch your next two clients. 

What if I still have questions?

Send any questions you have to

Resources included:

  • New Vertical and Business Potential worksheet – Example calculations and projections
  • Overcoming Objections – Rebuttals to use to combat them
  • Client segmentation worksheet – What services to offer clients
  • Example Factfinder worksheet
  • Example Proposal worksheet
  • Planning Documents checklist
  • Team Roles & Responsibilities – Breakdown of staff roles and responsibilities
  • Systems Overview and Best Practices – How to document and create recommendations 
  • Regulation Resource – Snapshot of REG BI, Required Forms, and needed disclosures
  • Quarterly Service Calendar – Organizing client engagement into structured periods
  • Legacy case studies