Episode 19 – Wes Young – How to attract the right clients and manage a large virtual team


In this episode, Andy interviews Elite Advisor Member, Wes Young. Wes has had a 100% virtual practice since before it was cool to have a 100% virtual practice. He’s found tremendous success as an advisor and manages a growing team of advisors, paraplanners, and support staff.


One of Wes’ superpowers is in how he explains what he does in such a way that ideal clients are drawn to work with him. We discuss that method and more in this episode.






To learn more about Wes Young and his practice, visit WesYoungLive.com


Wes Young is offering listeners discounts on his two courses:

1. What Do You Do Course

Develop an answer to the question “What do you do?” in a way that attracts your ideal clients and makes them lean in.

Use the code STENWDYD to receive the program for free for being a listener of the Becoming an Elite Financial Advisor Podcast.


2. Normalizing the New Mindset Course

Our greatest opportunity to recognize our future possibilities is not about abandoning your normal or rejecting the new but instead keeping the tension healthy between the two.

Use the code STEN to receive 25% off of this program. 






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