Episode 28 – Does This Stuff Work? Interviews with Four Advisors

In this episode, we are celebrating the milestone of reaching our 10,000th download by hearing from advisors like you. You will hear from four podcast listeners who have been interacting with Sten and his teachings, some for just a few months and others since the beginning of Elite Advisor Network at the start of 2021.

Two years ago, our company, the Elite Advisor Network, was founded with a mission to help Financial Advisors learn how to charge for their advice and accelerate their growth in an industry that has struggled to keep up with the demand for paid advice.

Since then, thousands of advisors have heard Sten’s message of getting paid your true value for your time and advice. So, here are four short interviews with advisors like you, who took what they learned and put it into action with some incredible results.

Because here’s the thing, when someone has a platform and uses it to speak with authority, it’s healthy to ask this question…. “Does what they say work in the real world?”








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