Episode 38 – How Elite Advisors Develop COIs + Free Training



Free training – StenMorgan.com/50k

January event – StenMorgan.com/HowToLive 

$400 discount coupon code if you register before Thanksgiving: freehotel 

We want you to be the first to know about a free training that Sten and I are offering twice on November 22nd called How To Add 50K In Planning Revenue. To register, go to StenMorgan.com/50k.

Sten has generated over 1.7M in planning fees and will generate over $600,000 in planning fees in 2022 alone. So, whether you’ve never charged for advice or you have got a thriving planning business, you will learn how to add revenue to your business. 

That registration link is StenMorgan.com/50k.

If you’re ready to invest in your personal development and the growth of your business, then you should come to Nashville in January to take part in our first How To Charge LIVE event. You’ll work with Sten and his team to make sure you’re ready to start charging for advice or improve your current planning business so you can reach your true potential. 

You can get your seat for the event at StenMorgan.com/HowToLive.

If you register before Thanksgiving, we’ll cover your hotel costs for the two days you’re in town. Just use coupon code freehotel to receive $400 off your registration and put that towards one of the quality hotels within minutes of our event. 

We’ll see you at our live training on the 22nd and in January at our event!




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