Episode 9 – Selling a steer, buying a dumb belt, building the life you want, and asking good questions w/ Michael French CFP®

One of the reasons Hollywood makes billions of dollars a year is that they’re experts in telling stories. Stories draw us in and then keep our attention, and that’s why we’ll be interviewing members of our community and sharing their stories with you.

Why did they get into the business?
What’s their journey been like?
What are they doing to improve their business?
How have they built a team around them?
How have they implemented the guidance we provide through the Elite Advisor Network to improve themselves and their business?

We hope you enjoy hearing about Michael’s journey and that it inspires you to continue to invest in your personal and business development. If you would like to be part of our Elite Advisor Network, visit http://www.stenmorgan.com/ean/ to apply.

Michael mentions his experience and subsequent success after going through our program, The Six-Figure Revenue Stream: Implementing Financial Planning To Grow Your Business. If you would like to start charging money for your advice or improve your existing systems, visit eAdvisorNetwork.com/store.








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