Planning To Succeed Program
(April 2021)

Created by Sten Morgan
Elite Advisor Network

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Here’s everything you need to know to have a successful experience in the Planning To Succeed Program

Bookmark this page and refer to it when you have questions about the program. If you ever need help you can always reach out to us at


1. What's in the program?

The program is a mix of high quality videos, a digital workbook, live group calls, live coaching calls and a private digital discussion group.

2. How do I access the content?

On our kickoff call, you’ll receive access to all of the program content. You’ll have access to a dashboard with all of the program contents.


3. How long do I have access to the content?

You’ll always have access to the content.

4. What's the flow of the program?

You’ll watch the videos and work through the workbook at your own pace and then submit questions within the window of time we are discussing that module. You can see the modules by their color in the calendars below for the April-May program. 

5. What's the schedule?

We will start promptly at 11 AM CT and our meetings are usually one hour long.

April – May

6. How are we meeting?

We’ll use Zoom for all of our meetings. You can join through any device using this link. There is no password necessary if you use the link below. If it does happen to ask for a password, it is 878787.

Zoom best practices:

  • Turn on your camera – It creates a connection and helps us all have a better experience.
  • Don’t Zoom + drive – It’s distracting, illegal in some states, and an all-around bad idea.
  • Face the sun – Try to face natural light when you’re on any video call. 
  • Be on time –
    March/April group = 10 AM CT
    April/May group = 11 AM CT

7. How do I ask questions?

Submit your questions to the Planning Program Questions form by EOD Friday if you want them addressed on Monday’s live call. This allows us time to prepare answers. If there are too many questions for us to answer during the call we will create a separate video or write up answers and offer them to you separately.

Bookmark this link to submit your questions –

If you have any questions that aren’t about the program content you can email

8. How do I communicate with other members?

  1. Group calls
    These calls are designed for you to discuss best practices with each other and to ask for help from fellow members on specific issues. I (Andy) will host these and Sten will usually be present as well.
  2. Group chat channel (Slack)
    Slack allows us to have group discussions through chat through channels about separate topics. Use the links below to join the Slack group and you’ll see the different channels for discussion. You can download Slack on your desktop, phone or bookmark it on your browser. I encourage you to turn notifications off unless you like lots of pings and dings and interruptions and to instead schedule a time to check on the Slack chat regularly.
  3. Click here to join the Slack Chat channel
  4. Bookmark the Slack channel:

9. Can I skip ahead?

The average online program has a single-digit success rate. We know what it takes to succeed in learning through this medium so this program is designed for YOUR success. We encourage you to NOT skip ahead. You will be successful if you go at the pace we teach. 

10. What does it mean that this program is in beta?

  1. You get a discount. When we release this to our full audience it will cost more.
  2. We are making adjustments every week based on your feedback to improve the program.
  3. You’ll get more access to our team as you go through the program.

11. What do I need to do to get the most out of this program?

  1. Single Task – When you’re working on the program, focus on your work. Turn off your phone, your email, Facebook, tell your staff you’re not to be interrupted. 
  2. Be Honest – When you’re answering questions or asking questions, be honest about your current situation, your mindset, your fears, your ignorance, and your dreams. Everyone is here because they want to get better so honesty will help you get there faster. 
  3. Do the work – Take your time and answer the questions, watch the videos and show up for the calls. Those who show up will succeed.

12. What if I have question after the program is over?

The Elite Advisor Network will be opening in the late Spring or early Summer but until then you’re invited to join a live call every month with Sten. We’ll email you the dates and times for those at the completion of this program.

Your Next Steps

1. Complete the Intake Form

Complete this survey before Monday, March 1st so we can know more about you and your business (apx 10-15 minutes)
Planning Program Intake Form

2. Put the calls on your calendar

11 AM CT
April 1, 5, 8, 12, 15, 22, 26
May 3, 6, 10, 13


3. Bookmark the Zoom link for our weekly calls

4. Bookmark the Q&A Form Link

5. Join the Slack channel and introduce yourself in the intro-chat channel

6. Bookmark the Slack chat channel

7. Email Andy if you have any questions