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A show for financial professionals who want to be challenged to go to achieve success and reach their true potential, faster. Where you gain proven and practical knowledge that you can implement on Monday morning when you get to the office. Featuring Sten Morgan, one of the nation’s leading young Financial Advisors.

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First Meetings:
Average vs. Elite

Every week we talk to advisors like you that want to improve their meetings with clients. Meetings are where you build the relationship with your client, where you show them what you know, where you learn what they need, and where you work together to achieve their goals.

In this episode, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide on effective first meetings with your prospects. In episode #14, we discussed 7 Meeting Skills of Elite Advisors, but in this episode, we’re going to be hyper-focused on that first time you get to sit down with a prospect.

If you’ve got other advisors that you think should learn these elite advisor skills, you can send them to, or you can get the comparison chart at

If you’re ready to improve your first meetings, you’re in the right place

116 What did you expect? Why expectations are important

Sten and Andy dive into the critical role of setting and managing expectations in business, particularly in client relationships. They discuss the consequences of unmet expectations, such as negative client feedback and job dissatisfaction, and the common issue of...

115 Advisor Stories: Lifestyle practice with Chloe Moore

Host Andy Traub talks with financial advisor and founder of Financial Staples, Chloe Moore. She shares her insights on connecting with clients, particularly those from minority groups, and her expertise in equity compensation. She discusses her approach to asking...

113. Referrals: Practical strategies with Bill Cates

Referral expert Bill Cates discusses strategies for financial advisors to obtain referrals and manage client relationships effectively. They emphasize the importance of: Setting clear expectations Being responsive to client communications Understanding the lifetime...

110. Sten Q&A

Get six free training videos and a dozen free planning resources at In this episode, Sten tackles questions from listeners, offering advice on various aspects of financial advising. He discusses the importance of clear communication, especially when...

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