Show Up with Calvin Nowell

Sten Morgan – The Money Mindset

In Episode 6, Calvin sits down with Sten Morgan. Sten has become one of the youngest, top financial advisors in the country, and he built his business in just three years. He is in the top percentile of people in his business, and more successful than advisors with thirty years or more experience, and he believes these seven psychological mindsets from his debut book release for “7 Mindsets of Success” will unlock success for you too. Releasing Nationwide on July 4, 2017. Pre-Order your copy now at

Each season of life is accompanied by unique financial goals and challenges. Sten and his team work closely with our clients to simplify the complex decisions that come during these different seasons of life. Sten focuses on retirement, estate, and tax planning strategies for individuals, business owners, corporate executives, and their families.

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