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A show for financial professionals who want to be challenged to go to achieve success and reach their true potential, faster. Where you gain proven and practical knowledge that you can implement on Monday morning when you get to the office. Featuring Sten Morgan, one of the nation’s leading young Financial Advisors.

What is Elite Advisor Network?

The Elite Advisor Network helps financial professionals realize and reach their potential, faster.

The Elite Advisor Network is a community for financial professionals who want to reach their true potential, faster. The community will equip you with proven systems to improve your prospecting, business operations, client services, and client presentations. Through monthly best practice videos, a private online community, and live group coaching, you will:

  • Gain more clients
  • Add additional revenue
  • Strengthen existing client relationships
  • Take action on the right things
  • Build a strong business 
Sten Morgan

Sten Morgan


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Andy Traub


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Recent Episodes

123 The 8 Forms of Prospecting

Sten and Andy explore the prospecting spectrum and strategies for attracting clients. 

They examine the typical experience advisors face when seeking new clients and the common pitfalls of the “activity at all costs” mindset. If you’ve ever felt like you’re spinning your wheels without attracting those dream clients, this episode is for you.

From Brute Force to Targeted Strategy:

They explore the full range of prospecting methods, from the brute force approach (think cold calling en masse) to the more refined targeting strategy. Sten shared why brute force should be a stepping stone, not a destination, and how to evolve your methods to work smarter, not harder.

Elite Networking Insights:

Ever wondered how to leverage your existing network without feeling like you’re using your friends? They talked about that too. Here’s a hint: it’s all about adding value and being seen as a professional resource.

Targeting the 10%:

They also touched on the concept of the 10% group from the “Blue Ocean Strategy.” It’s about finding those untapped markets where competition is less fierce, and opportunities are ripe for the taking. Think business owners and real estate professionals who might not even know they need your services yet.

Content is King:

Lastly, they discussed the transition to becoming a content machine. Imagine creating a platform that draws in leads while you sleep – that’s the dream, right? They share how to make that a reality.

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